About us

Company „Ketrona" founded in 1999, offering work and fire safety measures and transport services. For many years, we have been working to provide our customers with work and fire safety solutions that ensure workplace safety and employee well-being. We strive to provide our customers with quality, fast and professional service.

Experience - We have gained valuable experience over 20 years of operation and have firmly established ourselves in the competitive transportation market.

Reliability - the ever-increasing number of customers proves that they trust us, because years of experience and flexible pricing make it possible to offer optimal solutions.

Our goal is to ensure that our products and services meet your needs.

We offer:

• Work clothes and tools;
• Fire protection equipment;
• Maintenance of fire extinguishers (powder, carbonic acid and water foam);
• Maintenance of fire hoses;
• Domestic fire-fighting equipment;
• Developing evacuation plans;
• Transportation services.